Personal Training

We make it “personal” by giving you the highest level of attention and customer service. Whether you’re one-on-one with our trainers or working in a small group, it’s all about you.

Our trainers have the vision to see the healthy you waiting to be discovered and the expertise to make it happen. Our trainers listen first and then work with you to create an individualized program that integrates stretching, aerobic activity, weight training, core conditioning and nutrition.

With enthusiasm and creativity, we help you set realistic goals that are tailored for your lifestyle, fitness level and time commitment. We give you encouragement, support and feedback; and empower you to achieve your goals and maintain long-term results.

It’s called a workout, but our trainers make it fun!


Post Rehab Training

We also focus on post rehab training, picking up where physical therapy leaves off.  The most important thing that our trainers do is to research the condition, consult our network of professionals for guidance, obtain clearance from the attending physician, and come up with a list of exercises/movements that the client absolutely should not do with respect to their condition. We have found that the most useful thing we can do as trainers is determine what you should not do and strictly adhere to those guidelines.

Once we’re armed with the guidelines, we devise a 5-10 minute program that directly addresses the condition/issue and we do that with you every time we see you.  After 4-6 weeks, we reassess the progress.  If what we are doing is working, we keep on doing it!  If not, we focus on another route.

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