Experience a different kind of FIT in our brand new private Pilates studio at the YWCA.

release Pilates increases flexibility by stretching and elongating the muscles in your body. Benefits of increased flexibility are less pain/soreness, reduced risk of injury, supple spine and muscle tissue, increased range of motion and increased agility.

renew Pilates is not just for core strength and flexibility. Those in search of a cardiovascular workout will find benefits in the Pilates method. Though Pilates in general becomes more aerobic as you advance, the Pilates Jump Board allows us to add cardio to even beginner workouts. Use quick, controlled and powerful movements to press off the Jumpboard, followed by quick stabilization of the muscles as you return to the platform.

reform All of our movements in daily life are powered by the body’s center- the core. Pilates exercises initiate their movement from our body’s core or “Powerhouse”. Benefits of core strength include better posture, reduced back pain, reduced risk of injury and strong flat abdominals.

Single session fees

30 minute session, $40

60 minute session, $75

Package fees

Jumpstart, $280
Four 60 minute sessions

Balanced Body, $350
Ten 30 minute sessions

Visit us at the YWCA
3420 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

To schedule an appointment with Susan, Melissa or Kim, contact Joe at 704-996-0411.